Our competent staff believes that Quality is their practice. We also believe that quality is an ingredient added to every aspect of our business. A practice that we never compromise. Let us assure you that our competence is based over below measuring scale.

  • Well equipped quality control lab to do the routine quality tests.
  • Qualified personnel for accurate analysis.
  • Trained work force.
  • GMP production facility.
  • Regular training on quality management aspects.
  • Immediate corrective action in case of any deviation in the system.

The complete process from development is subject to quality and food safety management system. Each of our raw material, semi-finished and finished product undergo stringent quality test to ensure ‘Food safety’.

Not only does Bakemate have initiatives in place to become a more sustainable company, but we are also helping our customers improve their sustainability. We dedicate a significant amount of time in the Technical Support in order to find ways to help our customers reduce waste and keep product on their shelves for longer. These are considered our Extended Shelf Life products. Using extended shelf life technology extends the life of your product, reducing waste, while maintaining a “fresh baked taste” in artisan bread, donuts, cake, packaged breads and rolls and more all in natural way.

Our goal in creating new and innovative sustainable food products, is to help our customers increase their bottom line. We are helping our customers in achieving this by incorporating various types of enzymes that are introduced into their fresh bread lines. Novamyl Pro 12 BG, are enzymes designed for applications in fresh, refrigerated, frozen and par baked yeast leavened products. By incorporating Novamyl Pro 12 BG our customers were able to reduce their stales to produce a more sustainable product. By using Novamyl PRO 12 BG bakeries did not need to run production of the same product line every day. They were able to switch to other products on some days, but still have ample supply of premium bread to meet requirements. Moreovers, bread that says soft for longer was transported longer distances,that helped industrial bakers tap into new markets that were not feasible in the past. Additionally, the shrink rate was reduced from 11% to 6% by increasing the shelf life of the product. This has also begun to affect fuel and labor as there are a reduced amount of returns as well as fewer routes ran each day.

This is just one example of how Bakemate is helping customers to become more sustainable, thus saving them money.


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