Eng. Ahmad A. Abed

Bakemate is a fulfillment of a dream that evolved from a concept that i had been considering from a long time.When Bakemate was founded in 1991, its first objective was to promote a new approach to the Baking Industry – an approach that was focused on providing premium products and technical services that met the specific needs of all its customers. Over the years, Bakemate has set itself apart from its competitors and has become a leader in the industry. In addition, Bakemate has set up a plant to produce custom blends for the Saudi and International Markets. Today, Bakemate employs more than 60 employees whose mission is to satisfy your needs by offering you superior services and products. Rest assured that this mission will be at the very heart of all the strategic decisions we make. On behalf of Bakemate’s senior management team, I reaffirm our company’s commitment to be a reliable and respectful supplier at all times.

Eng. Ahmad A. Abed
….Owner / Founder


The philosophy of powdered Bakery Premixes is to create a delicious Dessert, in a short time, using easy methods, applying natural ingredients, We work around these features, combining the best quality ingredients, together with modern technology, in a healthy environment, to present Bakemate brand powdered foods variety, in addition to our low calorie selection specially produced for diet, diabetics and celiac patients.


ISO-220001On October 10th 2006, Bakemate Factory for Bread and Pastry Mixes received the EN
ISO 9001:2000 certificate and HACCP certificate (as per Food Hygiene CAC/RCP
1-1969,rev 4, 2003) for manufacturing of powdered foods and emulsifier Gel.

On January 30th 2013, Bakemate Factory for Bread and Pastry Mixes received
the ISO 22000:2005 FSMS Standard Compliance Certificate for the manufacturing
of Powdered Foods and emulsifier Gel, In accordance with (SASO) Saudi Arabian
Standards Organization, (ISO 22000 FSMS) International Organization
for standardization and FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission).


In the millennium, Bakemate Factory for Bread and Pastry Mixes enters a new episode of product development by expanding its R&D together with the latest range of technology in packaging machinery, thus acquiring its place on the international standard food industry map.

Research and Development

Product Development/ R&D Lab

Our R & D lab is manned by qualified and experience food technologists. Bakemate has access to scores of successful product blue prints stored in our Shelve Room Library. Our Lab has earned the appreciation of our customers, for developing new products on request right from the scratch, in the shortest possible turnaround point.

Our Product Research & Development is composed of bakery product developers, two food technologists and three technical Bakers. Our bakery product developers have an in-depth knowledge in ingredient functionality and application, and specialize in formulating a large array of bakery products, such


as bread & rolls, tortillas, bagels, frozen dough, sweet goods, icings/glazes, and toppings/fillings. Bakemate’s bakers come from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, and together we have BS, FT, and Microbiology educations, AIB training, retail and wholesale manufacturing experience, and bakery sales and technical service experience. This diversity and wealth of knowledge enable us to formulate products skillfully in the lab and implement them seamlessly at customers’ facilities.

Test Laboratory

Our R & D works closely with the sales force and customers in retail, wholesale bakeries, and food companies to deliver customized products and services with quality and agility. We want to be the go-to resource for our customers and the leader in the food industry.

Test Bakery Lab

Bakemate test Bakery is manned by an experienced chef and is equipped with utilities to test our product formulations for their performance in real conditions. This ensures that our product meets the expectations of our customers on various grounds, when created.

Analysis Lab

All purchased ingredients must conform to the laid down specifications and standards. The Analysis Lab scrupulously checks all the raw materials on arrival to ensure that they conform to Bakemate quality standards. The analysis lab is equipped to check the
physical, chemical, functional and microbiological parameters. All finished goods pass through routine quality checks while in process as well as before the final clearance.



SAP System

Our SAP system is the heart of our operations. All raw materials, Specs system, Approved vendors, customers and their products are stored in our SAP system and are encoded. Entire operation sequence including raw material purchases, Quality Control, product development, production and finished goods, are done online, with our SAP system ensuring no loss of important information and complete end-to-end traceability.


Supply Chain

Ahmad Abed trading Establishment buys for Bakemate and itself, over 1000 different ingredients from over 20 countries across Asia, Africa, America and Europe.Every supplier is audited for the food safety and quality compliance capability which includes a plant visit. Raw materials are only purchased from the approved vendors. AAA trading Establishment ability to leverage its combined buying volume gives it the advantage of buying at the most competitive prices.


production line equipments

Production Facilities

All Bakemate products are customized to your specific requirements. They are batch packed in pack size that are appropriate to your production batch or lot size. We have the separate packing lines to pack units as large as 25 Kilos to as small as 15 gm sachets.

All production line equipments are in stainless steel construction and are equipped with magnetic boxes, Entoleters, Sifters and Metal detection systems, at appropriate intervals. The Plant strictly follows GHP (Good Hygiene Practices) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).



Customer Service

We understand the importance of your Business and time. That’s why customer services is vital at Bakemate. Our Technical Sales Demonstrators are trained technically to make a Demo of our products at your facility, on your equipment and using Bakemate Raw Materials.

A dedicated full time Customer Service Officer is available to take your orders and enter them in our SAP System, take, and assist you in every way to make your experience of working with Bakemate a pleasant one.



Confidentiality Commitments

Bakemate understands its responsibility to protect the information of confidential nature shared with it by the customers, during the course of business.

Bakemate computerized data system and SAP system ensures that the access to commercially sensitive information is highly regulated and restricted to the team assigned to the project. Employees having access to customer’s informations are required to sign a non disclosure and confidentiality contract.

All recipes finalized by customers are coded and saved electronically on our recipe library system. Visitor access to production area is strictly regulated.